13" Single Head A3+ DTF Printer L1800 Roller

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Procolored DTF 330 machine supports a maximum transfer film width of 13 inches (33cm), wider than the regular A3 size transfer film of 11.8 inches (30cm). The new appearance and color will surprise you as it is really cool! DTF 330 machine is compatible with more professional PRO RIP printing software, allowing you to complete the printing work more easily and conveniently. It’s also equipped with white ink stirring system and preheating system to ensure printing effect. Compared to DTG technology, DTF requires no pre-treatment. It asks for much more simpler operation instead and can be used on a wider range of fabric substrates. DTF 330 is definitely a ideal partner for your T-shirt business.



Package Upgrade – Air box packaging with lighter weight and lower shipping cost.

More Efficient Printing Software - PRO RIP printing software allows multiple designs to be printed simultaneously on the workbench, increasing print speed of up to 60% compared to other RIP software.

Machine Upgrade – New anti-scratch devices added at film feed and printing platform, preventing film from scratching the print head ; ink tanks are hidden inside the machine, alleviating the spread of ink smell ;  compact design to make your working area tidier and in order.

Manufacturer Direct Supply – All the machines are directly supplied by printer manufacturer without additional charges of marketing and distribution. Besides, we also provide professional after-sales technical support remotely to help you with issues on installation or printing. 

Easy-to-use and Beginner-friendly – Simple daily printing steps, you just need to import your design and press print button. No special maintenance is required. Always keep your printer clean and it will always work smoothly.

What’s In The Box

  • DTF L1800 A3+ printer
  • Full Set of Initial Ink Cartridges (CMYKW 5*250ml) Buy More
  • Protective For Printhead Moisturizing Device
  • PET roll film
  • Adhesive Powder 500g
  • Procolored RIP Software
  • Power cable/USB interface data cable
  • InkTube/Dust Free Cloth/Syring
13" Single Head A3+ DTF Printer L1800 Roller
$3,499.00 $2,899.00

White Ink Filtration and Circulation

New designed white ink system including stirring, circulation and filtration functions. The system greatly improves the white ink dynamic and efficiency, evidently reducing print head clogging and prolonging a DTF printer’s longevity.

Colorfast and Durable

Micro-piezo inkjet technology accurately creates printings with true and clear color output, endowing them with high elasticity as well as resistance from light, oxidation, water and scratching.

Waste Ink Collection Upgrades

Hidden collection bin at bottom - absorbing ink leakage

Improved waste ink bottle position at back - changed from external to embedded, avoiding accidental overturning

Paper Feed Function Upgrade

New designed attachment - ensuring a smooth roll film running

Upgraded film feeding roller - reducing paper jams or feeding errors


Printing Step

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
The machine is so cool I’m happy

I like the colors of this printer, it's cool, supports up to 13" (33cm) transfer film width, and the ink cartridges are set inside the machine. It feels great.

Crystal Ranzino
R1390 A3+

I made my purchase through Amazon to be able to purchase an extended warranty with Assurion. I still get the same great product with the same great after purchase support! Techs are wonderful, fast response, always helpful and get me back up and running. I am still a new learner and have some hiccups but simple mistakes on my end. So far so good, haven’t had an issue they couldn’t walk me through to fix. MAINTENACE IS KEY! Must do DAILY maintenance to keep printer working. If not, you’re guaranteed to run into problems, you can’t blame the printer; just yourself. Also, definitely highly recommend the shaker!! Makes life so easy and quick finished prints, very time efficient!

Karisa Frazier
Love it. Making all kinds of things in all kinds of colors

I don’t know if I will ever cut and weed vinyl again. With the Procolored DTF printer I am able to create prints for all of our designs without ordering minimums or weeding and layering vinyl. I had a few hiccups at first but now I do my daily headcleanings and a weekly wipe down and full cleaning and I’ve been printing like a pro. No clogs as of yet. Software was easy to install and easy to use as well. Haven’t even put a dent in my inks and I have printed at least 75 prints. I started with a conversion printer and gave up after a month because of clogging. Then just decided to invest and I’m glad I did. Loving this printer.


Omg , I finally got my dtf printer and so far it's working great! After that I plan to sell prints online.


This printer has been in use for about 3 weeks now! There was a hiccup, I contacted them and the customer service was very responsive and solved my problem, thank you again!