Download Printing Pattern

Procolored Printing Challenge Rules

In April, we launched an exciting campaign called "Procolored Printing Challenge". We are looking forward to inviting you to challenge the most cost-effective method of DTF printing. Click the download button to get our selected pattern. Set the pattern at the size of 4x5.5 inch. Arrange the copied patterns within the A3 size canvas, avoiding any overlay. People who print the most patterns with the less film will win the game.

Showcase your talent and win exciting prizes. The first place winner will get a gift card of $3000, the second and third place winners will get gift card of $500. Other participates will receive a gift card of $50.

Participation Rules:

1. Get the selected pattern on the campaign landing page.

2. Record the whole process of T-shirt printing, including printing sizes and steps.

3. Share the video on the social media platform you prefer and add a  #Procolored tag: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or YouTube, we've got you covered.

T-shirt Printing Rules:

1. The size of the given pattern should be adjusted to 4x5.5 inch (101.6x139.7mm), excluding the transparent background area.

2. Arrange the largest amount of copied patterns possible within the A3 canvas (11.69x16.54 inch/297x420mm).

3. Cut off one piece of printed pattern and transfer it onto a T-shirt.

We will select winners primarily base on quantity of printed pattern, with additional consideration given to cost-saving measures such as minimizing material usage, time efficiency, and minizing operation steps.