UV DTF Mini Printer

Today I’ll introduce a UV DTF printer. Click the RIP button and the printer will start printing. It can print high-resolution and durable decals, which are used in decorations of all kinds of rigid items. 

RIP Software

Arrange and align all the patterns in the printer software. If you are doing small business of artwork or print-on-demand items, you don’t want to miss the machine introduction. The powerful RIP software allows input of image of different formats. They will be send directly to printer after all the operations such as color arrangement and size adjustment. 

Base Film

The patterns I print will be used to decorate a pencil case. The printer prints patterns with rich colors and dedicate texture on the white base film, on which there is a layer of glue. The machine adopts outstanding UV curing technology, during the printing, UV lights will solidify the inks effectively and fast and make sure the prints will not fade. After UV curing, the prints will bond firmly with the glue on the base film. 

Backing Film

The transparent film that covering the patterns is backing film, which allows the print better get off the base film. And before the decals be transfer onto all kinds of surface, the backing film holds the UV-solidified sticker temporarily. The printer sprays white base ink first and then color inks. And at the end of the printing, the printer sprays vanish onto the printed patterns, so that the whole patterns with high color reproduction are bright on their surface.

Printing Size

The maximum printing width is 33 centimeters, that’s the width of A3 printing paper. This machine is suitable for producing small batches of customized sticker, which are used in DIY decoration of small items like water cups, phone cases and wallets. You can also print brand names with the printer and adhere the brand icons onto your products.

There is a cutter installed at the paper exit, after the print job is finished, press the backward button on the printer to get the printed paper coming out and you can cut off the print conveniently.

Pencil Case Decoration

When decorating the pencil case, just peel of the backing film, the decorative print will release from the base film and go with the backing film. Stick the decal onto the pencil case, press around the sticker with your hand. Make sure there is no bubbles under the sticker, so that the attachment is more firm and flat. And peel away the backing film at last. The decal is durable and sticks firmly on the case. Even if the decal comes across with some alcohol or other chemical liquids, it won’t fall off easily. If you want to get rid of the decal, you need to forcefully scratch it off with a knife. Addition to the small sticker, we can also decorate the case with a full size pattern of high coverage. Just like applying a phone protective film, stick the pattern on the surface of the case.

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