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Procolored Attended Graphics Pro Expo on 16th September, Showcasing the New A3+ DTF Printer and Panda A4 DTF printer

Procolored Attended Graphics Pro Expo on 16th September, Showcasing the New A3+ DTF Printer and Panda A4 DTF printer

Procolored has many years of experience in R&D and production of inkjet printers. And we are a premier China-based manufacturer of cutting-edge printer products recently released the new flagship models, the heavily acclaimed DTF A3+ Transfer Printer and the brand-new DTF-A4 Printer. we attended the 2-days printing expo hosted by Graphics Pro Expo (GPX) in Charlotte to show customers these 2 machines

Our mission to reinvent the direct-to-film technology proved to be a huge success, as innumerable brands and firms in the print-on-demand industry flourished by leveraging the many benefits these revolutionary printers have to offer.

More popularly known as the NBM Show, the exhibit has been rebranded to Graphics Pro Expo (GPX). The exhibit boasts global renown in the world of graphics professionals, manufacturers, suppliers, and entrepreneurs, offering company owners and professionals an opportunity to meet, collaborate, expand their networks, and present their finest works and technologies to broader audiences, which mainly comprise industry experts and business leaders. The opportunity Procolored leveraged to once again prove its brand-new DTF Printers have earned their reputation as the ultimate direct-to-film printers on the current market.

Procolored’s A3 + DTF Printer has changed the rulebook by eliminating the need for pretreatment of DTG technology, streamlining the printing process, and making it both simpler and quicker. Numerous print-on-demand companies across the globe have praised not only the printer’s practicality but also its speed.


What separates Procolored’s newest DTF printer is the fact that it can develop rapid printing speeds while delivering top-quality performance with consistent results. Featuring an innovative anti-scratch function, A3 + DTF ensures its printhead is safe from scratching by minimizing the contact it makes with the film. Another revolutionary upgrade to the A3 + DTF printer is the relocation of the ink tanks into the machine. This way, the printer’s performance is improved while the ink odor is almost entirely eliminated.

Our A3 + DTF Printers come with free Procolored PRO RIP printing software with setup instruction, which enables users to multitask multiple design projects on the workbench. According to Procolored’s market analysis, its PRO RIP program is 60% faster than contemporary alternatives.

Many tech enthusiasts and professionals attending GPX Expo praised A3 + DTF Printer’s versatility and its usefulness to print-on-demand SMEs while the feature that the majority of attendants loved the most was the printer’s polished, sleek design.

The new designed Procolored A3 + DTF Printer to eliminate the barriers of entry to small emerging POD firms and entrepreneurs. With this direct-to-film printer, minimal technical skills and knowledge are required to operate the world’s latest DTF technologies, enabling print-on-demand newcomers to compete with more established brands through quality products.

The second product Proclored showcased during the GPX Expo our latest DTF-A4 Printer. The main innovative feature of their newest printer is the exquisite Ink Stirring System. It also eliminates the need for pre-treatment, further simplifying the printing process. After getting the machine, just add ink and use our Pro RIP software to complete the process of guiding the ink. The process is very simple and close to out-of-the-box.

GPX’s event at Charlotte Convention Center was the last exhibition hosted by Graphics Pro Expo this year. More information about Procolored DTF printers please visit our website