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Procolored launches DTF-330 Printer – The best printer for Print on Demand businesses

Procolored launches DTF-330 Printer – The best printer for Print on Demand businesses

Procolored DTF-330 Printer introduces a new printing paradigm that can be applied to a broader range of fabrics.

Procolored is excited to reveal the latest printer, the DTF-330 Printer, rated the best DTF printer for print-on-demand businesses. The revolutionary printing machine features a unique appearance and color with world-leading technology. Procolored DTF-330 printer is a next-generation t-shirt printer that is now available.

Print-on-demand businesses have become a huge part of the creator economy. T-shirt printing is one of the most popular ways to monetize creator audiences. In the US, the custom t-shirt market has been on an upward trend as popular merchandise items become a fashion staple for most people. The popularity of T-shirts as everyday fashion items for men, women, and children created a solid sale item with many new opportunities as new styles emerged.

Besides the growing demand due to the popularization of merchandise by creators, t-shirt printing has also grown due to evolving printing technologies. Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing, screen printing, and many other techniques have facilitated the growth of the print-on-demand industry. The latest in printing techniques to join the space is Direct To Film (DTF) printing which is lauded for its revolutionary printing technology.

DTF Printing is a technique that prints designs on a film and then transfers them to a wide range of fabrics. Procolored shares that this technology is changing the t-shirt printing business because it even works with white ink, which uses less than DTG printing. More people are now abandoning screen printing, DTG, and sublimation because of the unique features of DTF, which combines many benefits of DTG printing and a plenty of benefits like easy application, more durability, application to a wide variety of materials, and so on.

Procolored DTF-330 Printer

With the growing popularity of DTF printing , Procolored is excited to introduce its desktop printer for t-shirt businesses. The DTF-330 t-shirt printer supports a maximum transfer film width of 13 inches (33cm), covering a wider space than the regular A3, which covers 11.8 inches.

If you are a sublimation person, you must be really tired of only the light color fabric could be done, because the sublimation printer can not use the white ink. Which means that the white base can’t be printed under the colors. In another word, the DTF printer can print white and for all colors fabric, the colors are also more brighter due to white background.

As we all know the cotton fabric is more skin friendly, DTF printer can work perfectly on cotton fabric, but sublimation works better on polyester material.

What’s more, the easier operation is the biggest reason for sublimation people changing into DTF.

The Procolored t-shirt printer is a new generation of printing technology that is compatible with more professional PRO RIP printing software. The DTF A3+ model is easier to use and more convenient since no pretreatment is required, like in DTG printing.

Procolored DTF-330 printer is an upgrade that increases printing speeds by up to 60%, making it a revolutionary printer for printing businesses. The t-shirt printer is easy to set up and requires no extra maintenance.

Here are several advantages of the DTF-330 printer as below, which are all the new technologies we developed and applied on this printer.

  1. Totally upgraded motherboard and control system, the chance of machine error reporting is lower, and there is no need to restart the machine because of some little error.
  2. The internal platform of the printer uses the harder materials, which is more stable.
  3. The left sideof the printer is designed with a waste ink tank to accept waste ink.
  4. The print bedhas an adsorption function, which can firmly fix the transfer film on the printing platform to ensure perfect printing quality.
  5. The new designed film inlet is easier to put the film into the machine than the previous machine. The previous machine needs to manually feed a section after placing the roll film before it can be controlled by the machine. The latest DTF-330 uses a small gear Rolling film technology, just put the film in, and the film can be controlled by the machine.
  6. Faster print speed, even faster than the best selling L1800 model.
  7. The print head has 6months warranty, which shows the confidence of us in the quality of the machine, so if the print head is blocked, it can be replaced for free.

With this new DTF model, Procolored makes it possible for designers and creators to create more custom t-shirt designs and get the printing done precisely how they want it. The DTF-330 Printer also guarantees a perfect combination of colors, techniques, and prices. Procolored strives to continue leading the charge in printing technologies that streamline design and printing for businesses. The company is committed to providing the best products, technical support, after-sales service, and reasonable pricing.

To learn more about the Procolored DTF-330 printer, read all about it here.


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