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Procolored new product released——DTF-330 printer

Procolored new product released——DTF-330 printer

Procolored is a China-based company specializing in premium inkjet printer products and technologies, more than 15 years of R&D experience, we are constantly striving to provide customers with the best products, and recently released a new flagship machine

A DTF printing/direct-to-film printer prints on the film first, and then transfer the pattern to the garment. This printing technology is able to print on almost all kinds of fabric without any composition restriction and this makes up for the deficiencies of DTG printing and sublimation printing. Direct-to-film (DTF) printers have surpassed their DTG counterparts, offering a simpler, more affordable solution with consistent results. Procolored has been always committed to the research and development of DTF products. We firmly believe that DTF technology is a trend that will lead to innovation in the textile printing and dyeing industry, so we graced the market with a brand-new cutting-edge model called DTF-330 Printer.

This printer is an improvement upon one of the best-selling DTF L1800 printers, bringing rapid printing speed, stable performance, adsorption platform, and concise design benefits as exquisite benefits unique to the Procolored DTF-330 Printer. The new Procolored DTF-330 Printer sports a freshly polished appearance, featuring built-in ink tanks. Aside from being an aesthetic improvement, this freshly introduced feature was also meant to eliminate ink odor.

Procolored has unlocked the full potential of DTF printing with its newest printer model. This product facilitates automatic cleaning, a true color printing experience with variable ink, minimum ink consumption, and superior printing quality in the highest resolutions possible.

We are very confident in the quality of the new product after our upgrade and improvement, So we offer an additional 180-day warranty on the printhead, which starts from your purchase date. Besides, we provide a flight case package, reducing the overall weight of the Procolored DTF-330 Printer and its shipping costs.

Feather 1: A3+ printing size

Procolored’s newest flagship printer now supports A3+ printing size. As opposed to the standard A3 size of 30cm per page, the A3+ covers 33cm-wide papers. Owners of the Procolored  DTF-330 Printer can use A3+ 13-inch transfer films on this machine. 33*42cm transfer film can meet the printing needs of most customers

Feather 2: PRO RIP software, which allows importing multiple images in the workbench

Another advantage that separates this printer from Procolored older models is that it comes supplied with Procolored proprietary PRO RIP printing software. This RIP printing software improved the printing speed obviously, saving a lot of time in the printing process. You can import multiple designs in the software workbench, and print them together, which reduces the operation time of customers who need to do many printing tasks, additional it can reduce the waste of blank parts of the transfer film, saving consumables for you.

Feather 3: adsorption platform

The machine is equipped with an adsorption platform, which can firmly fix the roll film on the platform to prevent the roll film from lifting and scratching the print head or contaminating the created printing film. The internal metal structure is processed by the professional machine, which avoids the problem that the internal platform is tilted due to the loosening of internal components during transportation.

Feather 4:concise design

Compared with the previous machine, the roll function of this machine is more concise and practical. The online button is canceled, and its operation is more convenient. It just uses its forward and backward buttons to control the movement of the transfer film. Avoid improper operation of the online button on previous machines, which may cause roll film to spit out, resulting in waste.

Feather 5:  Special ink tank design

The newly designed ink bottle avoids insufficient ink to affect the printing quality, and the entire ink tanks can be hidden inside the machine, the ink smell is not easy to spread when it is closed, and it can also prevent the damage of the ink bottle during transportation and use.

Feather 6: Updated motherboard, printing speed improved

The machine adopts the latest motherboard, the printing speed is improved compared with the old model. and the working stability of the machine is better, which prolongs the service life of the machine