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Procolored New Upgraded DTF Pro A3+ Printer

Procolored New Upgraded DTF Pro A3+ Printer

  1. why this machine is developed?


In recent years, the textile printing industry has ushered in Innovation, the DTF printing market demand has increased a lot, and the DTF technology has developed rapidly. The ordinary single-head A3 DTF printer can no longer meet the needs of some customers, many customers have asked us if we have larger size and faster speed machines. Procolored clearly understands the needs of customers. Time is money, and efficiency is extremely important. From the perspective of customer needs, we have developed this machine that is suitable for people who are chasing high printing-quality and fast speed, which also is the goal of our research and development, and the basis for achieving a win-win between us and our customers.

  1. What feature does the machine have?

  • New design appearance, the front 3 sides are blue see-through acrylic, which makes the internal mechanical operating can be clearly seen

  • The newly upgraded motherboard, and double printheadsarrangement, give you the experience of the fastest printing speed. To print the same pattern, the DTF pro takes less than half the time of the normal DTF L1800 machine

  • Equipped with a suction platform to ensure that the transfer film is completely evenly, which can prevent the printing film from scratching the print head.

  • Built-in white ink circulation and white ink stirring system, no need to worry about the printing quality of white. It can also prevent the white ink from clogging print head and increase the life span of the print head

  • It uses the most professional printing software RIIN, which can be completely matched with the motherboard, making the printing process simpler and the printing output more stable
  • It can use up to 13-inch A3+ roll film, which can meet a wider range of creative needs than the DTF L1800 printer using 11.8-inch transfer film

  1. Why choosethe DTF pro machine?

If you have a lot of printing tasks to complete every day, and you have to spend a lot of time on the printing process, then this is for you, with the roll film, it can connect with the powder shaker machines to make the whole process automatic, which greatly reduces your operation time.

The printing speed is significantly improved, which can save a lot of time. When you have a lot of printing tasks to do, you'll be amazed by the printing speed.

The highest printing accuracy is 8 pass(2880dpi), which makes the printed image more vivid and delicate.