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Follow this ultimate guide and check which important part you’ve neglected the whole time!

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Written by PROCOLORED - Published on Dec 13, 2023

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Written by PROCOLORED - Published on Dec 13, 2023

 Written by PROCOLORED - Published on Dec 13, 2023


14 minutes read


1. Instruction for pre-print preparation
        1.1 nozzle checking
       1.2 print head cleaning
2. Instruction for printing operation
       2.1 printing - optional ink/ film types and effect showcases
       2.2 spreading powder - optional powder types/ machine
       2.3 curing/drying
       2.4 heat pressing
       2.5 peeling off
3. Instruction for after-print care
       3.1 printer maintenance
       3.2 clothes washing method

1. Instruction for pre-print preparation

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Nozzle checking is an essential first step before our everyday printing tasks. By checking the test chart given by the nozzle checking, we get to know whether the nozzles and inks are working perfectly or not.

Normally the test chart includes all the ink colors of the printer and might report below results:

- clear and complete lines : nozzles in good condition

- incomplete lines with gaps : nozzles are clogged, print head cleaning needed

 1.2 Print head cleaning

Incomplete lines on test chart means the nozzles might be clogged and further print head cleaning is needed.

Print head cleaning is a maintenance activity performed on printer. During the cleaning process, the printer will automatically detect and try its best to remove any accumulated dried ink, dust or other ink residues, thus lower the possibility of nozzle clogging.

It’s important to note that depending on the severity of the clogging, multiple cleaning cycles may be required to fully unclog the print head. An extra nozzle checking and test chart are needed after every print head cleaning, so that we can better follow the actual clogging situation.

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Consumables needed: DTF films, DTF inks, adhesive powder

Machines needed: DTF printer, curing/drying oven, heat press machine

Optional machine: powder shaking and drying two-in-one machine

Workflow: printing-spreading powder-curing/drying-heat pressing-peeling off

(if the print doesn't stand firmly on fabric, we recommend to do a second heat pressing)

2.1 printing - optional ink/film types and effect showcases

Printing session is about transcribing the image into a specific file that can communicate with the printer. Before starting this session, do remember to resize your picture to suit different printable sizes of different DTF printers.

Normally Procolored DTF only provides DTF inks and ordinary films by default, yet users can still combine DTF printer with other consumables to achieve different printing effects, detailed as below.

breathable DTF print - 
special white ink, fine powder, software setting needed
Different from ordinary DTF printings, breathable DTF print is a kind of ultra-thin print that can only be achieved while printing in special software curve value and working with breathable white ink and fine powder. Compared to ordinary DTF print, breathable one presents below features:
- lighter color and less saturated
- easier to get cracked to achieve vintage or timeworn style
- much more breathable, especially suitable for summer T-shirts

four optional film types and showcases

Besides roll film/sheet film provided by default, there are also other special films (only in roll version so far) on sale to meet your different creation needs.
  • glitter
  • chameleon
  • luminous
  • gilt veil

glitter transfer roll film

As its name indicates, there are lots of sparkling glitter particles set within this kind of film. Applying this film will make your printings more eye-catching and outstanding.

838.00 SR

chameleon transfer roll film

This kind of film will reflect bluish and purplish sheen under the light and that’s why it gets this name. Printed on this film, the printing would be more striking with pearlescent effect.

876.00 SR