Horno Procolored para impresora DTF

Tamaño A3 30x44cm Con control de temperatura y función de alarma Con asa Evita quemaduras Horneado rápido
Horno Procolored para impresora DTF

Even Heating And Easy Cleaning

The upgraded oven features improved heating technology that ensures even heat distribution, resulting in better printing results.The upgraded internal structure of the oven makes it easier and more convenient for users to clean, saving them time and effort.

Built-In Exhaust Gas Filter And Power Supply Integration

The oven comes with an integrated exhaust filter, eliminating the need for users to purchase an additional filter purifier and providing a cleaner printing environment.The Procolored oven features an integrated power supply design that ensures safer use of electricity. Additionally, it allows for easy switching between 110V and 220V power supply environments, making it suitable for users in different regions or countries.

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Customer Reviews

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Kristen Lemus
DTF oven

I am usuing my dtf oven for the first time . I turned it on and the temp amd time came up . Once it heated up I attempted to start the baking and the word UP is flashi and cont to flash . I tutned the oben off amd back on and it cont inues to flash UP whenI try to start the countdown. . I tried to trouble shoot and was unable to gett it to work . I also tried to look on the web and could not find anything. Please advise


No handle scratch inside. And no instructions not satisfied

Hello, we apologize for any inconvenience caused. Due to the small handle of the oven, it is easy to lose it. When we ship the oven, we always install the handle inside the oven. Please open the oven and you will find the handle inside the lid. Our oven has instructions and online technical guidance. If you have any questions, we can help you answer them.

Gustavo Villafana

excelent equipment

Nicole Rushton

Procolored Oven For DTF Printer -Upgraded

James Hoschek
Procolored DTF L1800 Printer\Oven Bundle

This review is for the oven that came with the bundle. The oven now works great. It had a little bit of a break-in period, but now makes curing my DTF prints so much easier and error free. I increased the time by 30 seconds from what was factory set and left the temp that was set. Glad I bought this entire package. My business is growing fast.