Portable Handheld Heat Press

For those who are starting a small business, using a compact heat press is the most suitable option, especially if the daily order volume is only a few or a dozen pieces. It is an ideal machine for crafters who is interested in personalizing garments without making a significant investment. After one or two years, when your business reach to the next level, upgrading the equipment then is not too late.

The original heat press has some drawbacks, such as the high temperatures at the edges of the heating platform, which can be burning hot to the touch, but that's not the main reason. The machine is large and bulky, so the expensive shipping costs make the price relatively high. The new heat press is small and lightweight, and costs about one-fifth of the original. If you're running a small T-shirt business at home, there's no need to buy industrial-grade equipment. Let see whether this portable heat press can fully meet your requirements.

Although it looks smaller than a conventional heat press machine, it has a rated power of 800W and a heating area of 12"X10", which is enough for many conventional uses. The heating temperature ranges from (104 degrees Fahrenheit to 401 degrees, and has a timer function, allowing you to work more freely without worrying about exceeding the time.And we will present a heat-pressing bottom pad for you to carry out the heat-pressing process. In a word, it's a perfect all-purpose small heat press machine.

This handheld heat press relies on the weight of the machine itself and the strength of our hands to apply pressure to the shirt. Without a pressure handle, is there any problem? Can the device be moved back and forth during the ironing process? If I apply too much force, will it damage the pattern on the shirt?

After heat pressing, we need to cool down the PET film, which helps the adhesive glue below to solidify and makes the pattern better adhere to the clothes. Slowly peeling off the PET film, we found that the pattern adhered firmly to the clothing without any problem. The pattern on the shirt has no deformation. This is the final product.

The difference between the old and new heat presses is that the new machine requires manual pressing, and if the pattern is too large, it may take more time to press some specific areas.

This handheld heat press is suitable for heat transfer and ironing clothes. The video will show how to operate the control knob of the device.

Turn the dial quickly clockwise for half a circle and you will hear a beep and enter the temperature setting mode. 

Turn the dial counterclockwise quickly for half a circle will hear a beep and enter the time setting mode. 

The temperature continues to rise to our target temperature. At this point, the machine will emit a warning sound. Press the power key to turn off the alarm.

The machine's base uses high-temperature resistant and insulating rubber, which can provide effective protection. If the control knob is left unused for an hour, the machine will automatically shut down.

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