Hi, Welcome to Procolored!

I'm excited to introduce you a lineup of inkjet printers for product customization. Being a technology company that offers solutions of lightweight printing, Procolored aims to be your trusted partner in print-on-demand businesses.

Start your business with us to personalize products with colorful and high-quality prints. Procolored keeps pursuing user-friendly experience and reliable technology to sparkle your joyful journey of producing attractive items.

Message from CEO Kristina

Our Brand
Printers for Print-on-
demand Business
Procolored is a leading manufacturer of DTF printers. We also produce UV, UV DTF,DTG printers. Start your business with us to personalize products with colorful design and high-quality prints. "Frieng dly user experience and reliable technology bring you a harvest smile of lightweight printing."

Quick Facts
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Our Values

"We are friendly, being your partner.
We are always by your side and provide the services you need.
Create a friendly user experience that brings us joy in lightweight printing."
"We are reliable, providing professional services.
We are improving our products and services to become your reliable partner."
"Starting from the functionality of the product,
we prioritize the concept of lightweight, which made us an expert
in creating products that are low-investment and family-friendly."