Procolored Zero Downtime Guarantee

From the feedback of our customers, we know that their business could break down for several weeks if the printing machines come across with some severe issuse. To better serve our customers, we are introducing an aftersale service of printing outsourcing. During the repairing process of your printers, we can take care of your printing jobs.

Service Details

Serving object: At present, this service exclusively supports DTF Pro Upgrade. (We are in the process of preparing for the inclusion of other printers, and we plan to gradually expand this service covering all printer models)

Lead Time: Printing jobs are typically completed within a week, but the lead time varies based on the order schedule. Additionally, please consider the shipping time according to your chosen shipping method. 

Pricing: We only charger for shipping cost and material consumption, such as PET film, adhesive powder and ink, without any labor cost.

Notes: We will do our best to accomplish the printing outsourcing service after your applying and it is a non-profit project. Please understanding that we are not reponsible for the commercial lost caused by shipping delay or other accidents.

How do I get more details?

If you need more details about this program feel free to contact us.