Printers for Print-on-demand Business
Procolored is a leading manufacturer of DTF printers. We also produce UV, UV DTF,DTG printers. Start your business with us to personalize products with colorful design and high-quality prints. "Frieng dly user experience and reliable technology bring you a harvest smile of lightweight printing."
Quick Facts
Sucessful Startups
Talented Engineers
The Story of Procolored
Initial office
On a sunny spring day in 2018, the young lady Kristina founded her company, Procolored, in a small office in Shenzhen. Kristina had an endless passion and talent for craft and fashion and dreams of integrating creative ideas into everyone's daily life.
The first UV printer
Initially, Procolored produced UV printers. Custom goods sellers could select their favorite patterns and print them on various materials such as wood, plastic, and glass.
Mr Jones' email
To better understand the needs of our clients, we kept requesting feedback. One day in 2019, Mr. Jones who was running a DTG printing business came to us for a solution of more vibrant colors on dark fabrics. After months of researching, we were excited by the potential of DTF (Direct-to-Film) printing.
The first DTF printer
The company's technical department began to develop DTF printing machine. After numerous experiments and improvements, we successfully developed the first DTF printer suitable for various shirt materials. The printer was capable of producing clear and vibrant patterns while maintaining the soft comfort of the fabric.
In 2020, Kristina traveled to the United States for the first time, hoping to meet new clients at the trade show Impression Expo. She felt the strong entrepreneurial atmosphere in this place. With innovative thinking and relentless effort, anyone who loves life and pursues individuality can turn their dreams into reality.
Household customers
Kristina began to think about the value of Procolored. Seeing the potential opportunity to help a large number of home-base offices doing print-on-demand business, she decided consequently to pursue this business as a career. This is the true value of Procolored – we can help more and more small businesses achieve success.
Korean Senior Man
Among our customers, there was an elderly man of Korean descent, Mr. Hwang. We were so glad and felt trusted to see him coming to us for help. Our team was helping more and more small entrepreneurs like him achieve their dreams, and this is the true value of the company.
Instructional video
In the early stage, there were language barriers in clients communications. It was difficult for customers to assemble the machines or resolve issues. The team created online meetings and reproduced tutorials to solve problems, and there were still a lot of work ahead.
American warehouse
In 2022, we made the decision to expand our business to the United States, embarking on a new journey of localization. We established our user experience center and after-sales warehouse in California, aiming to provide users with a more satisfying experience and after-sales service.
Milestone moment
At the end of 2023, we reached a milestone moment—our monthly sales exceeded one million dollars for the first time. This is the affirmation of our brand's value from our clients. We appreciate every user who chose our products; their support and feedback are the driving force behind our progress.
We believe that a printer is not just a tool but also a means of expression and creation. As a company committed to lightweight printing, by enhancing friendly user experience and reliable technology, our goal is to bring joy and opportunities for our creative users.