February Sale -Buy the machine can get $500 discount and 6 * 100ml ink, the machine set can get 15% discount
To Keep your Thirty-six months warranty,please register below and use our ink
  1. We recommend using our inks as our RIP software has been color-matched with our ink by our technicians. If you use our ink from the beginning to the end, then we can provide you with a free print head replacement service once within six months. If you don't use our ink, it will affect your warranty.


  1. Start registration within 30 days after receiving the machine


  1. Any disassembly and maintenance of the machine without the guidance of our technicians will invalidate the warranty


  1. The machine should be used in the recommended temperature and humidity environment


  1. Please operate the machine according to our tutorial videos, and consult us in time if you have any questions