13" Dual Heads Array High Speed A3+ UV Printer 3360

Choose Fixture: Cylindrical fixture
Print Heads Model: XP600*2


Procolored UV printer A3+ 3360 is designed with a larger vacuum platform. It can be configured with up to dual print heads to enable higher printing efficiency, providing cost-effective printing services for your business.

UV printing is one of the most flexible print processes ever created, its printing outputs can be applied on materials with fewer limits. Discovering UV printing technology and learning how it works will be inspiring to your business innovations and beneficial for your business growth.


Automatic Moisturizing System –prolonging print head service time.
White Ink Automatic Circulation –minimizing printer head clogging possibility and greatly extend print head lifetime.
Automatic Height Adjustment- Humanized design, automatically adapt to height of different printing objects, achieving higher efficiency.
Two Adjustable UV Lamps Power –Adjustable to meet different printing speeds and printing materials.
Screw Slide Track with Higher Quality –Providing more accurate and precise printing position compared to traditional belt conveyance.
Easy-to-use and Beginner-friendly –Touchable control panel, allowing immediate operations

What’s In The Box

  • UV Printer 3360
  • Full Set of Initial UV Ink (CMYKW 5*250ml)
  • Metal coating 1*50ml
  • Acrylic coating 1*50ml
  • Ink cleaner 1*100ml
  • Nozzle protection fluid 1*50ml
  • Steel Ruler/Water Tank/4 Spare Ink Sac/Insurance
  • 6*1.2m Tubes/1.5m Wire/3pcs Syringe
  • Magnet Paper/Sticky Tape/Double Side Tape/Dust-Free Cloth
13" Dual Heads Array High Speed A3+ UV Printer 3360

High Quality Screw Slide Track

Compared to traditional belt conveyance, printing position is more accurate .

Capping station

the capping station can make the head seal to avoid clogging

Ink Circulation, Prevent Nozzle Clogging

The ink circulation system is our patent technology, the continuous circulation system effectively prevent the nozzle from clogging, thus extend print head lifetime 50% compared to traditional printers.

Printing Step