Direct-to-Film-Transfer (DTF)-Drucker

Kaufen Sie DTF-Drucker, Procolored ist die ideale Wahl! Procolored DTF-Transferdrucker, auch bekannt als Direct-to-Film-Transferdrucker (T-Shirt-Drucker), sind der nächste Trend im Bekleidungsdruck. Mit dem kommerziellen DTF-Drucker von Procolored können Sie Ihr Unternehmen oder Interesse mit nur einfachen Schritten starten, entwickeln und ausbauen. Aufgrund ihrer hohen Qualität, Genauigkeit, Flexibilität und Benutzerfreundlichkeit werden Direct-to-Folien-Drucker bald den Bekleidungsdruckmarkt dominieren. Der Panda-DTF-Drucker sorgt mit dem Panda-Muster auf dem Gehäuse für ein sattes Schwarzweiß.

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DTF Printer

DTF (Direct-to-film) printing is one common method used in T-shirt printing. To finish a complete DTF printing, the graphics will be first printed on a pre-treated film, then covered with adhesive powder, after curing and heat pressing, finally transferred onto fabrics. DTF printing prints colored inks with a white ink base, allowing its printed outputs to achieve a higher color reproduction compared to other methods such as DTG.

Versatility of DTF printer

T-shirt printing industry has become a larger and larger market with impressively speedy growth in recent years. Following this tendency, more and more people nowadays prefer purchasing customized clothes and even begin to seek methods of producing their owns. DTF printing can be a perfect choice for this need of T-shirt customization.

There is no doubt that DTF printing technology has gradually aroused attention from T-shirt print-on-demand industry with its high quality, accuracy, flexibility, and convenience. It can be used on a variety of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, blends, and even dark-colored fabrics. It’s capable of printing complex, colorful and detailed designs and transferring them in durable and long-lasting quality to fabrics. Compared to other printing methods like DTG printing, it only requires relatively easier operations and lower costs, suitable for small businesses and startups.

Other main advantages of DTF printing over DTG printing:

  • Higher reliability of print head to meet large-volume printing needs.
  • More vibrant printing colors on both light and dark-colored garments
  • No fabric pre-treatment required

T-shirt DTF Printing Procedure