Procolored Powder Shaking And Drying All-In-One Machine For DTF Printer


The oven shaker is design for efficiency of gang sheet printing. By placing multiple copies of the same design in a grid pattern on the large film sheet, the DTF printer can optimize the printing efficiency and minimize waste.

[About powdering method]

Auto Powder Adding: Using auto powdering for a long time may result in the generation of some black tiny particles due to flickering. To minimize the impurity in the powder, regular equipment cleaning and powder replacement are required.

Manual Powder Adding: It can improve the purity of powder coating to add adhesive powder manually, but regular equipment cleaning and powder replacement are still necessary.

Products Details
Four high-quality heating wires, heating quickly and evenly.

Powder conveyor belt ensures the automatic transfer of powder in a uniform, stable and fast manner.

Control panel a.Shaking speed b.Dust speed c.Temperature regulation

Automatic air circulation and purification

Automatic winding film reel , Automatically and quickly roll up the printed PET film
Machine Size