How It Works

01 Apply to join

Apply to join in Procolored creator rewards Program

02 Reviewing

Administrators will review and approve within 3 days

03 Create Content

Create content and add it to your creator program system

04 Get Rewards

Waiting for creation rewards to be issued

What Rewards Can I get

The rewards is based on the valid views of your videos

Valid Views


1.2X Bonus


























1. Who can apply to join this program?

No matter when you purchase, as long as you are our customer and can provide your order number

2. How to calculate the valid views of your videos

It is calculated based on the weights of different platforms. You can upload on multiple platforms, and the sum will eventually be calculated based on the weights of different platforms. Only videos that have been published for 30 days can be calculated and summed.

Such as if you have videos get 3,000 views on YouTube, 20,000 views on YouTube shorts, 50,000 views on Instagram Reel, and 60,000 views on TikTok, the valid views will be calculated as below

3,000*0.5+ 20,000*0.25+50,000*0.05+60,000*0.05=12,000 valid views

Video Resource


YouTube Video

YouTube Shorts

Instagram Reel

TikTok Video      

3. How are rewards issued and how often?

Once every 3 months, the payment will be issued via paypal

4. How to increase videos view

Upload to multiple platforms, optimize content and keywords, and post more videos

5. Is there a limit to the number of videos I can post per month?

There is no limit, but duplicate content on the same platform cannot be included in the calculation.

6. What other important information should I know about the program?

Plagiarism may result in a deduction of rewards.

Strictly no view purchasing allowed.

You need to submit your video’s link to your creator program system for review

7. How to get 1.2X bonus

Update 6 times in a month