DTF glitter Film, the new trendsetter in the t-shirt printing industry

Do you feel the patterns you got is too normal? Why not try adding something shiny? This is what it looks like when a phone torch shines on the picture covered with glitter sparkles.

I’m using DTF Pro printer to print pictures on glitter film. There are many little tiny sparkle particles on the film. The printhead of DTF Pro goes fast back and forth from left to right, we can see the film is reflecting some colorful lights under the irradiation of indoor light. Compared with the previous generation of product, this film is upgraded in the density of glitter particles. The glittering element may bring you more inspiration for your design.

Let’s look at this teddy bear pattern under normal light. The white text on its cap emits very little bright spots, while the color spots are obvious on the black cap. We can compare different effects among colors and see which color can conserve better the small colorful points of reflected light.

In this design, glitter particles cover the whole image and make it looks dazzling. The jewelry decoration in the picture appears more vivid and realistic. It’s cool to add shining effect onto design elements, such as shapes, lines and texts.

You could wonder at this point that how did I make a design with partial glitter when I print a T-shirt. I split the pattern into several parts and add glittering effect to some of the parts. By combining these elements in different ways, we can create designs with the text below, beside or over the image.

 I want to demonstrate a process of double heat pressing - Heat press a glittering design onto a pattern that is already printed on the shirt.

Make sure the pattern is adhered onto the shirt perfectly and all moisture is removed from the surface. The inks on the film may not be thoroughly dry, so the moisture could cause some bulges on the later overlapping heat press.

Now, press this radiant text onto the rabbit pattern. Press the image onto the shirt for no more than 10 seconds, because the glitter film is not a non-stick surface, if the heat press time is too long, the DTF adhesive will stick to the glitter filmand the pattern is difficult to peel off.

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