Impresora DTG

Procolored es un fabricante profesional de impresoras DTG. Compre una impresora DTG de Procolored, la impresión en camisetas, sudaderas con capucha, etc. se vuelve más conveniente e interesante. Las impresoras Procolored DTG aplican las tecnologías más prácticas e innovadoras, lo que le permite imprimir directamente en ciertos tipos de textiles o telas con una precisión de color y vitalidad sorprendentes. Compre directamente a la impresora de prendas con nosotros, ofrecemos una impresora DTG asequible y rentable, todos los consumibles involucrados y otros equipos necesarios como la máquina de prensado en caliente DTG.

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DTG Printing

DTG printing is a digital printing technology being widely used in T-shirt industry, it allows people to print designs and images directly onto garments. DTG printer provides an affordable and instant option for customized T-shirts making of small quantities. But if you're demanding for printings with higher color reproduction, we recommend you DTF printers instead - DTG printing achieves printings by penetrating the ink into fabric, thus its colors and quality inevitably depend on the fabric color itself. Except for this shortcoming, DTG printing will absolutely meet your clothes customization needs.


DTG printing is versatile and cost-effective, it is suitable for printing on various of fabrics, such as cotton, polyester and nylon. This makes it a popular choice for some print-on-demand businesses including:

  • T-shirt printing - DTG printer is commonly used to print unique and customized designs and logos onto t-shirts. It allows graphics and photos with elaborate details to be directly printed onto fabric.
  • Banner printing - DTG printer is also widely used to make physical promotion banners, it can print out logos, slogans or advertising pictures with colors as striking and eye-catching as they show on computer screens.
  • Home decor - Things like pillows, blankets,tote bags can be printed with photos and designs via DTG printer.