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 Written by PROCOLORED - Published on Jan 31, 2024


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Written by PROCOLORED - Published on Jan 31, 2024

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Written by PROCOLORED - Published on Jan 31, 2024

Question 1. Why my printing wrinkled after gentle washing?

  • My printing came out like this after its first washing and drying. 

    Does it have anything to do with my laundry method?

Yes, if your washing or drying is processed with high temperature water, then this may be the problem. But a cracked printing can also be caused by other reasons, detailed as below:

  • Wrong laundry method - lothes with DTF printing are recommended to be washed inside out, and washed/dried in a low temperature. High water temperature or high-speed rubbing on the surface may somehow destroy the bonding between fabric and ink thus leading to printing cracking.

  • Poor white ink base - normally white ink works as the base of printing thus its quality evidently affects the whole printing performance. Before transferring the printing onto fabric, please check if the white layer is printed well. 

  • Poor powder curing or pressing - if the adhesive powder is not cured thoroughly, the remained moisture will result in air pocket that greatly influences the pressing outcome.

    Friendly reminder - if you want to double ensure the outcome, you can do a second pressing (with heat press temperature to 145℃ and pressint time for 20 seconds) after your first one.

  • Unsuitable adhesive powder - some specific fabric substrates need specific adhesive powder. For example, rougher fabric needs coarse adhesive powder (200 mesh with a particle size below 250 micron) to achieve better curing and pressing effect.

Question 2. How to solve incomplete printing issue?

  • Got no ideas about the margin on RIP. It looked fine on the screen but turned out like this.

  • The software keeps showing red spots and telling me the boundaries are out of range but as you can see in the picture it’s not. What should I do?

  • We can see that the "STAY" graphic has a transparent background which is out of the range, but the main body of the graphic is exactly within the range (still it can be a bit more to right). So it’s okay to ignore the red spots warning and keep on printing. 

  • About the "TEACHER LIFE" one, it’s quite obvious that the graphic is placed way too left. Move it a little bit to the right will promise a more complete image.

  • To sum up, always make sure the main body of your graphic falls exactly and totally within the range. When the size is too big that it almost reaches the range border, just adjust it to smaller.

    Besides, for all DTF printers except DTF Pro, before printing, please make sure your film is installed correctly and is always placed to the right. Take DTF L1800 for example, set your film to the right as the picture shows.

Question 3. 

Why my sheet film always comes out with a marking at corner?

  • I don’t know is this a film quality issue or anything wrong with my printer? Every time the sheet film came out with an evident marking at corner, and there’s always a paper flapping sound when I look this happen.