Meet Procolored at GPX Long Beach

Invitingou to Graphics Pro Expo


Dates & Times:

Thursday August 17, 2023: 10am-4pm

Friday August 18, 2023: 10am-4pm

Saturday August 19, 2023: 10am-4pm

Location: 300 E Ocean Blvd Long Beach, CA 90802 Long Beach Convention Center

Booth of Procolored: #727 

If you are doing POD business, you don’t want to miss the GPX event in Long Beach Convention Center this August. Here gathers all kinds of business related to digital graphics markets, including apparel printing, software design, new materials, decoration and customization and so on. You can source unexpected new machines, communicate with exhibitors from different areas, learn operation skills with the expect and the most important, discover some new profit centers. The event is hold together with WRAPSCON, which is one of the largest shows for car wrap and all things wraps business. You would want to see everything you need to know to start your digital graphics business or step further in your current business.

Procolored Technology Inc. will be exhibiting at booth #727 in this GPX event, our promo code is PROCOLR5CA. If you are to attend the exhibit, remember using this promotion code to waive the $25 admission fee. We will exhibit DTF t-shirt printers, UV flatbed printers and showing some special printing process. This event is the best opportunity for your to ask all the questions, learn valuable skills, do some printing hands-on practices, receive samples and gifts, get some special discounts. Our experts will be in the show floor to serve you personally.

NEW MACHINES: We have recently developed a new UV flatbed printer which is named as UV DTF Mini. This is an all-in-one machine, merging printer, laminator and machine holder together and meanwhile remaining a compact size. It is by far the most powerful flatbed printer with the smallest size. We are offering a great time for you to experience the new machine before it come up to the market. And the newly released DTF Pro printer is also remarkable for its printing efficiency. We are aiming to highlight the impressive functions of this equipment during the exhibition. So come and do some research.

SAMPLES & GIFTS: Before the event start, we spend some days to build the booth and set up all the machines. It is a great opportunity for you to try all kinds of printer. You can compare functions and printing efficiency among our printers and decide which one is better suitable for your current business. Bring your own designs and print them out with our printers. We have prepared all kinds of film sheet. Communicate with our experts for knowledge such as printing quality, color calibration, machine maintenance and learn how to get the most out of the equipment’s capability. And we are giving out some gifts for visitors. The number of the gifts is limited, so first come first serve.

DISCOUNT: It takes a lot of time and concentration from us to prepare for this exhibition, so trust me, we don’t want to miss any opportunity of cooperation and any possibility of closing deals. We will offer exclusive discount only for the customers from the event. Consider the price of these high ticket printer, use this discount to your advantage!