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Here is what you may want to know about Procolored UV DTF printer

Here is what you may want to know about Procolored UV DTF printer

A conventional UV DTF printer can never bypass the manual laminating process. While Procolored A3 UV DTF printer incorporates the laminator which autocompletes the laminating process. With this function, you can say goodbye to manual lamination and focus more on printing. The Procolored A3 UV DTF printer is the ideal choice for customers who want to output high-end patterns and print on uneven, hard surfaces and surfaces with a drop certain degree.

UV DTF printers, also known as sticker makers, can print a wide variety of stickers to attach to regular or irregular surfaces. Since the launch of UV DTF printers, we have received a lot of customer inquiries. I hope the following answers can provide effective help for you to understand UV DTF printers, and I hope we can develop more cooperation together.


1. What is the difference between this UV DTF printer and UV printer?

UV DTF printer and UV printer differences as long as the present printing material and printing height two points. First, the printing height of UV DTF printer is only 2~3mm, and the printing height of UV printer is 0~14cm (according to the size of the printer). Second, UV DTF printers can only print stickers, UV printers can print glass, wood, metal and other flat objects. UV DTF printers are focused on printing stickers and cannot directly print other materials, which is mainly due to the construction and printing height of the printer.

Combined with the above two differences, in general UV printer is suitable for printing regular ordinary objects, the height of the object can not be more than 2mm. UV DTF printers have a wider range of stickers than UV printers and can be pasted on regular and irregular objects.

In addition, you can also tell by whether you need to print varnish. UV DTF printers are dual-head printers that can print varnish, but single-head UV printers cannot print varnish.


2. Does UV DTF printer need to print glue? How do I print it?

UV DTF printers do not require printing glue. UV DTF printing glue will gradually lose its stickiness within three months, which is a headache for users who need to place stickers for a long time. In order to improve the stickiness of the stickers, we changed A film and B film. Now we use A film and B film with their own glue. After the use of new consumables, the stickiness of our stickers is greatly improved, and the stickers can be kept in good condition for half a year. In addition to improving the stickiness, the ink channel we used to print the glue has been changed to the glossy oil channel, which means that the original one glossy oil channel has become two, which can greatly improve the gloss of the sticker. This measure is of great benefit to increase the life of the sticker, increase the gloss and save the user's operation.

Therefore, you do not need to buy additional glue when you buy our UV DTF printer. Your printer upgrade is sure to make your printing experience easier and faster.

3. How long can the stickers printed by UV DTF printer be used?

Under normal circumstances, the use time of UV DTF stickers is 2-3 years. In 2020, we started the research and development of UV DTF printer. Within half a year, we made the first version of automatic laminating crystal stickers. Until now, we successfully paste the successful crystal sticker is still intact. Our research and development staff use this cup every day to fill and change the cold water, and the sticker is still firmly attached to the cup. But the crystal stickers printed by UV DTF printers do not necessarily stick to the material permanently, and will be damaged if you rub them vigorously with the tip of a knife.

We suggest that the adhesive should avoid contact with environmental conditions such as water, alcohol and high temperature within 24 hours after the sticker is put on. The adhesive force will gradually increase within 24 hours. After 24 hours exposure to water or other environmental conditions will reduce the impact of the sticker.

4. Can UV DTF stickers stand up to alcohol and heat?

UV DTF stickers can withstand alcohol and heat. We have tested the stickers with a high concentration of alcohol and the results show that alcohol has no effect on the stickiness of the stickers. In order to simulate our daily usage scenario, we put UV DTF stickers on the beer bottles. We opened the bottle and poured the beer on the surface of the sticker normally, and soaked the bottle in the beer. After five minutes, we picked up the bottle with the sticker on it, and the sticker would not fall off. Therefore, UV DTF stickers can meet most alcohol scenes in daily life.

For the high temperature experiment, we pasted UV DTF stickers on mugs and ceramic bowls respectively. First of all, we filled the mug with hot water with UV DTF sticker, and then replaced it with cold water one minute later. After three times of hot and cold water replacement, the sticker would not fall off. Secondly, we put the ceramic bowl with UV DTF sticker in the microwave oven for 2 minutes. After taking it out, the surface of the sticker will not become brittle and the sticker will not fall off after returning to normal temperature. Therefore, UV DTF stickers can withstand alcohol and high temperatures and will not fall off.


5. What is the best material for UV DTF stickers? Can you put stickers on your clothes?

UV DTF stickers perform best on rigid surfaces, which are determined by the nature of the ink. UV DTF printers use UV soft inks, which have a strong adhesion to rigid surfaces. For example, when pasted on the surface of wood, metal, glass, acrylic and other materials, the adhesion of UV DTF stickers is the best, and the harder the material to be pasted, the stronger the adhesion of UV DTF stickers. But this also means that UV DTF stickers are not as expressive on soft materials. Clothes are a good example. The main component of UV DTF stickers is UV ink, but UV ink is not suitable for printing clothes, so UV DTF stickers are easy to fall off on clothes, and the paste effect is not ideal. Therefore, we recommend to paste UV DTF stickers on rigid materials, not soft materials. There is also a small tip, UV DTF stickers in the frosted hard material performance is the best.


6. Why do I need to print varnish? Can we not print varnish?

This printer uses two Epson printers, one print head printing ink and the other print head printing varnish. Therefore, after using varnish, the color of the sticker will be more vivid, and at the same time, a layer of protective layer will be formed to increase the service life of the sticker.The purpose of the varnish is to create a protective film on the surface of the sticker and to make the sticker more colorful. Varnish is like a color additive, attached to the top layer of the sticker, which can make the original sticker more colorful. This can not only make the color of the sticker more vivid, but also increase the thickness of the sticker, so that the visual of the sticker is more three-dimensional. The varnish can also form a protective film, which increases the service life of the sticker and makes the sticker more wearable.

We can adjust the use of varnish or close the varnish channel according to different needs. We developed the printer with a lot of different scenarios in mind. In the printing software can adjust the amount of varnish used in printing, or even close the varnish channel, in order to meet the user's individual needs.


7. Do UV DTF printers need to be used with laminating machines?

The UV DTF printer does not need to be paired with a laminator because the UV DTF printer can automatically laminate the film. The biggest advantage of our UV DTF printer is that it does not need to be used with another laminating machine. The printer itself has the function of laminating. This can not only save the printing time, but also save the material cost of the printer, can effectively improve the work efficiency.

Our exploration of UV DTF printers has not stopped, we have developed gold foil stickers and silver foil stickers, and other rich colors are waiting for us to develop. In addition, we are also focusing on adding automatic cutting device inside the UV DTF printer, which is committed to improving the user's work efficiency faster.

If you have more questions about our printer, please send an email to our email address, we will answer your questions about the printer in detail. If you want to do OEM customized service, you can also send your request to us by email, our team will definitely provide you with good shopping service.


8. Can UV DTF printer used on clothes?

No. Unlike DTF printers and DTG printers, UV DTF printers can not be used on flexible surfaces. The ink of DTF transfer printer is fasten by adhesive rather than UV lights. The UV cured inks are easy to get broken and fall off if you apply them on clothes.

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