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Procolored Affiliate Program

Welcome to Procolored affiliate program page.

Procolored is a world-leading UV/DTF/UV DTF/DTG printers and relevant consumables provider with a large community catering to future creators. We are offering you a chance to form long-term business partnerships with Procolored. Take the initiative today and join our affiliate program to start generating extra revenue, for zero costs at all! You don't even need a website! Earning money is so easy with our affiliates program. You can promote theUV/DTF/UV DTF/DTG printers on your website, blog, social media(Facebook, Youtube), some popular UV/DTF/UV DTF/DTG printers community or other online platforms to receive a commission on any sale you refer successfully.


How to Join Procolored Affiliate Program?

  • Sign up for an account in our affiliate program website.(create an account)
  • Fill in your PayPal account so that we can pay the commission.
  • Complete as much information as possible to let us know you better, such as your website, Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.


What is the Affiliate Program?

The affiliate program is a process by which a company unites and compensates third-party individuals or businesses to achieve marketing purpose such as placing an order and increasing traffics. The third-party individuals or businesses are affiliates that are incentivized by commissions to promote the products or services of a certain company.


How does the Affiliate Program Work?

Specifically, affiliate program works in the following steps:

  1. After registering an account on our affiliate program website, you will get a unique tracking link which you can share it on whatever social media.
  2. Affiliates show the link for our store on your website, blog or social network.
  3. Customer clicks the link.
  4. Customer is redirected to our store through tracking link.
  5. Customer places an order on our store.
  6. The affiliate program records the order and details of the transaction.
  7. The transaction is credited.
  8. We will pay the commission during the agreed period.

    How is the Commission Calculated?

    The commission is recorded by the affiliate program automatically when each transaction occurs.

    A standard commission of up to 5% is given on all products, excluding the ones listed below.


    Product Commission

    17" Dual Heads A3 DTG Printer A3-Pro TX800


    17" Dual Heads A3 UV DTF Printer A3-Pro TX800


    17" Dual Heads A3 UV Printer A3-Pro TX800


    24" Dual Heads Array High Speed A3+ DTG Printer 3360


    24" Dual Heads Array High Speed A3+ UV DTF Printer 3360


    24" Dual Heads Array High Speed A3+ UV Printer 3360


    36" Dual/Three Heads Array Fast A1 DTG Printer TX800


    36" Three Heads Array High Speed A1 UV DTF Printer TX800


    36" Three Heads Array High Speed A1 UV Printer TX800


    36" Three Heads Array High Speed A1 UV DTF Printer TX800


    36" Three Heads Array High Speed A1 UV Printer TX800



    For example, if a customer buys a 17" Single Head A3 DTF Transfer Printer Roller Version R1390(not listed on the table above) and a 17" Dual Heads A3 UV DTF Printer A3-Pro TX800(listed on the table above), the commission is $2199*5%+$5499*3%=$274.92.



    All transactions must be in status “shipped” and there must not be refunded requests in 30 days. Commission amounts are totaled before the 16th of each calendar month. The completed order totals include referrals from the 1st to the 31st in the previous calendar month, you could email to admin@procolored.com to ask for the last month's commission before the 16th of each calendar month.

    If any refund requests occur with an order made during the previous calendar month for which a commission amount has already been paid, a deduction will appear in the checkout amount for the upcoming calendar month.


    Where should I NOT promote my affiliate link?

    You can promote the affiliate link through several channels, except for the ones listed here below:

    -Google Adwords

    -Facebook Ads

    You will have to request our permission prior to promoting your affiliate link on these platforms, in order to avoid a conflict of interests between our and your ads.

    If an affiliate is found to be using these channels without our permission, the user will receive a warning. If this behavior continues, then the correspondent affiliate account will be deleted and no commission will be paid.


    Can I create an affiliate website, social media page or blog?

    You can create a website, blog or social media channel as part of your affiliate strategy. However, the visual identity of your channel can not be similar to the one Procolored's official channels.

    Please avoid the following:

    -Using "Procolored" on the site page or profile name;

    -Using the Procolored logo as the profile, header or site logo;

    -Communicating or acting as a representative of Procolored.


    Affiliate Support Center

    If you have any questions about the Procolored affiliate program, please feel free to contact our affiliate customer service at admin@procolored.com. We will get back to you within 1 working day.