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Professional printing doesn’t need to be complex, we strive to provide
durable and affordable UV/DTG/DTF printers.

13" Single Head A3 DTF Printer Direct to Film Printer Roller Version R1390\L1800\R2000


8.2" Single Head A4 DTF Printer Direct to Film Printer L805 & Oven


13" Dual Heads DTF-PRO A3 DTF Printer Direct to Film Printer Upgrade


13" Single Head A3+ DTF Printer R1390 Roller Version With Unique Appearance


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Our Customer Base

Smart & Economical
Personal Studio

Small economy models are suitable for individua entrepreneurs,such as online store sellers,artists,and individual

Professional Tech Support
Advertising Company

Our printer is easy to operate and has awide range of applications.It is suitable for advertising companies and gift shops to carry out convenient and fiexible production

High Efficiency & High Quality
Clothing Printing Factory

Our large multi print heads printer has high automation and fast printing speed,which is suitable for industial batch production


17 years of production experience, mature and stable production line, Strict quality inspection process,100% pass rate
Professional engineers provide one-to-one after-sales technical support services
Complete after-sales guarantee system, with all replacement parts

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