Impresora de camisetas: máquinas de impresión de prendas para pequeñas empresas

Esta colección incluye diferentes tipos de impresoras que son adecuadas para imprimir su diseño o logotipo personalizado en camisetas. DTF y DTG son mejores opciones para la impresora de camisetas en comparación con la prensa térmica de vinilo, proporcionan colores más vivos y cumplen plenamente con los requisitos de impresión bajo demanda.

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T-shirt Printing

There are various technologies that can be used to transfer desired designs on different kinds of fabric, such as vinyl cutting, sublimation, DTG printing, DTF printing and embroidery. Considering factors like investment cost, printing quality and learning curve, both DTG and DTF printers are outstanding choices for small scaled businesses. 

For people who are running a print-on-demand T-shirt business, owning a tshirt printer allows you to make products at home quickly and shorten the order fulfill time. Through in-house printing, you can take full control on the printing quality and timely adjust your designs to meet the requirements of your customers. In long run, this can build up your business reputation and increase the trust from your customers.