Impresora UV

Procolored es un fabricante profesional de impresoras UV y un proveedor de impresoras UV que se ha centrado en el campo de la impresión digital durante más de 16 años. La tecnología central aplicada en la impresión UV es la tecnología de curado por luz UV, que distingue la impresión UV de la impresión tradicional. Desde que se adoptó esta tecnología, ahora es posible imprimir en casi cualquier material. Procolored le ofrecerá la gama más completa de impresoras UV a la venta si desea comprar una impresora UV.

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UV Printing

UV printer uses ultraviolet lights to cure inks once they are printed on various flatbed surfaces, including paper, plastic, glass, metal, wood and so forth. The special UV inks that printed on the surfaces will dry almost instantly when exposed to the UV light. The printer can print on non-absorbent surfaces and produce high-quality and durable prints. The image printed is vibrant, high-resolution and fade-resistant. Procolored provides UV printers in various sizes and configurations, ranging from A5 suitable for phone case printing to large A3 plus industrial- scale printers used for mass production.


UV printing are commonly applied to produce signs, banners, long-lasting photos, promotional items that can be used in product decoration and branding. Generally speaking, UV printing is not recommended to be applied on clothes. Except for leather or umbrella clothing since they will not absorb inks and do not touch the skin directly.

UV printing on wood

Wood in fact is quite common to see in our daily lives, from small boxes or cases, to bigger objects like instruments, skateboards or furniture. As an inkjet printing method, flatbed uv printer transfers image to wood more precisely than printing wooden blocks; and the printing on wood also tends to be more vibrant and durable.
Considering starting a small UV printing business? Wood prints can be your absolute first choice!

UV printing on phone case

Phone case customization is another popular UV-printing-related business. One key advantage of applying UV printing for this business is that it can produce phone cases with different graphics at a time - all you have to do is to gather your desired graphics into one picture and arrange them in a specific layout. This allows you to make or sell phone cases with abundant patterns.