There are three main things you need to clean and check after every day that you print with your direct to film printer. 

I know that the maintenance is a big question when considering any DTF printer. If you're considering the Procolored DTF printer, I will say that the daily maintenance should take you no more than about five minutes.

Keep in mind this is not the only maintenance that will need to be performed on a DTF printer, but these three maintenance steps are important to take after every production day.   

Make sure the DTF printer is powered on and that the power light on the front is a solid green. 

Press the middle button on the front to put the direct to film printer in maintenance mode. 

Flip open the lid and wait for the printer head to stop moving back and forth.  

Once it stops moving use your hand to move the entire print head area to the middle of the track.

This will give you access to two of the areas you need to clean. 

Dip a into the DTF cleaning solution and blot it around this flat grid area, called the capping station, where ink may have pooled.

Then use your right hand to slightly move the section to the right giving you access to flip up the wiper. 

Here's a close up so you can see the piece you want to press and hold to the right while flipping up the wiper.

You can use your hand or the end of the cleaning swab to flip back the wiper to allow you to clean

Use a foam sponge with cleaning solution on it to clean the wiper.

Then wipe the print head wiper down with a cleaning wipe.

Return the wiper to its original position. You can close the top lid of the DTF printer.


On the back of the DTF printer check the waste ink tank to make sure it does not need to be emptied or replaced.