8.2" Single Head A4 DTF Printer L805

Combination: Without oven


Procolored L805 DTF transfer printer is a lightweight and high-speed film transfer T-shirt printer. It delivers industrial-print-quality output at impressive production speeds, and is suitable for multiple fabric substrates (cotton, poly, blends and more) and different fabric colors (even for fabric in black).

DTF printing is an unique printing technology that first prints designs onto special films then transfers them onto garments. It is classified as a kind of heat transfer printing that can last as long as traditional silkscreen prints.



High-speed printing – Speedy printing process, much faster than ordinary A3 DTF printers

White Ink Mix and Circulation – minimizing print head clogging possibility and greatly extending print head lifetime

Professional RIP software – multiple designs can be printed simultaneously on the workbench, allowing you to output different patterns at one time after needed adjustment.

Low ink consumption – only 1.5ml of ink is needed to print an A4-size image.

Lightweight and portable – Compact size and sleek design, high return of investment, suitable for people interested in DTF technology and market

8.2" Single Head A4 DTF Printer L805

Automatic ink absorption function in software

Automatic ink suction function for initial printer start-up, no manual ink pumping is needed anymore. The direct to film printer has a pre-heating function to accelerate the ink curing.

Only takes 2-4 minutes for 1 sheet print

Free printing software ; easy switch between single sheet printing and reel film printing ;  supporting both color printing and white printing ; up to 60% faster printing speed than similar printers.

Ink Circulation Reducing Nozzle Clogging

The white ink circulation system is our patent technology, it works continuously and effectively prevents the nozzle from clogging, extending print head lifetime of 50% compared to traditional printers.


Professional RIP software-PRO RIP

With help of Pro RIP software, multiple designs can be printed simultaneously on the workbench, allowing you to output different patterns at one time after needed adjustment.


Printing Step

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Martina Strauch
Perfekt Printer

After some trubble at the beginning now the printer works super and the results are perfekt. With Set up of the printer i used Youtube-Video that help perfekt with ink-filling and air release


I’m happy with the product but they need to be have a better communication with the customer. When I emailed or text in took them a little bit to respond back and when they did I already have everything set up and running.

Tara Mann
Excited about my printer

I received my printer almost a month ago and LOVE IT!!! My colors are vibrant and after not being able to print for a week, the process of cleaning the print heads was so easy and I didn’t waste ink. I can’t wait to print more and start selling!!! I’m one happy small business owner!! I started to peel to soon on my test shirt😃

Best ever

Best machine and best customer service recommend

Matthew Wilson
Love this printer so far

Purchased this printer. It took a bit longer to get here than expected, however since I’ve received it I’ve done mostly family shirts and DTF transfers. Great color and great press. My son wears his shirt almost weekly and through the washes it has withstood the washing machine and dryer. Can wait to start selling the transfers themselves!