Procolored is a professional UV printer manufacturer and UV printer supplier which has been focused on the digital printing field for more than 16 years. The core technology applied in UV printing is UV light curing technology, which distinguishes UV printing from traditional printing. Since this technology is adopted, printing on almost any material is now possible. Procolored will offer you the most comprehensive range of UV printers for sale if you want to buy a UV printer.

UV Printer (6)

6.7" Single Head A4 UV Printer A4-19N


6.7" Single Head A4 UV Printer A4-C


10.6" Single Head A3 UV Printer A3-19N


10.6" Single Head A3 UV Printer A3-C R1390


10.6" Single Head A3 UV Printer A3-Pro 1390


4.7" Single Head A5 UV Printer A5-20

UV Printing

UV printer uses ultraviolet lights to cure inks as they are printed on various flatbed surfaces, including paper, plastic, glass, metal and wood. The special UV inks that printed on the surfaces will dry almost instantly when exposed to the UV light. The printer can print on non-absorbent surfaces and produce high-quality, durable prints. The image printed is vibrant, high-resolution and fade-resistant. UV printers are available in various sizes and configurations, ranging from A5 suitable for phone case printing to large A3 plus industrial- scale printers used for mass production.


UV printing are commonly applied on production of signs, banners, long-lasting photos, promotional items and it can also applied on product decoration and branding. It not recommended to use UV-curable inks on clothes, however, things like leather or umbrella style clothing are acceptable because they will not absorb inks and do not touch the skin.