13" Dual Heads DTF-PRO A3 DTF Printer Panda Gen-1 & DTF Shaker Bundle



Procolored DTF Pro is a user-friendly DTF printer with dual print heads. It is capable of outputting printings of industrial-grade quality at an incredible printing speed.

A DTF printing/direct to film printer prints on the film first and then transfers the pattern to the garment. This printing technology is able to print on almost all kinds of fabric without any composition restriction and has perfectly redeemed the deficiencies of DTG printing and sublimation printing.



Upgraded Appearance – Redesigned outer look of lightweight size but the exceptional printing quality remains, elevating your printing experience.

White Ink Circulation – This technology minimizes print head clogging possibility, better protects internal components thus prolonging the service life of print heads greatly.

Visible Humidity and Temperature – Visible and accurate humidity and temperature data, users can better check if the current working environment is the optimal working condition.

Dual Print Heads – DTF Pro is equipped with dual print heads for higher printing efficiency, saving you more time and offering you a better printing experience.

Extraordinary Printing Quality – Thanks to dual print heads, DTF Pro is able to output high-resolution patterns of industrial-grade quality and with minimized color distortion.

User Friendly – DTF Pro requires no pretreatment process and offers simple printing steps that even users with no printing experiences can easily learn and grasp.

13" Dual Heads DTF-PRO A3 DTF Printer Panda Gen-1 & DTF Shaker Bundle

Compact Design, Superior Printing Experience

Our product is with a redesigned exterior that exudes elegance and style. In this new design, we simplify the product size and weight while maintaining its exceptional print quality. We aim to elevate your printing experience with this aesthetically pleasing and high-performing device.

White Ink Automatic Circulation

Patented technology -- white ink automatic circulation. This circulation system functions to its greatest extent to prevent print heads from clogging and offers them a lifetime 50% longer than conventional DTF printers.

Dual Print Heads Array, Faster Printing Experience

Time to say goodbye to long waiting time and say hello to rapid printing speed. The innovative dual print heads array technology utilizes two print heads simultaneously,  delivering a faster and more efficient printing experience, thus highly boosting productivity and saving working time.

Professional RIP Software - Procolored RIP

A complete PDF engine with versatile functions, including advanced grid algorithm, image splitting, seamless copying, visual dot rationing, etc. It allows high-speed processing, provides standard ICC profiles and personalized workflows.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Laura P
Amazing printer!

I bought the 13" Dual Heads DTF-PRO A3 DTF Transfer Printer & DTF Shaker Bundle. I am glad I did. I think it is so much easier than powdering each transfer and curing them one at a time. The images are beautiful and colorful. The transfers are cold peel and it is an easy peel. The customer support is great. I did communicate with technicians through skype. The were able to remote in to make some adjustment to my printer that I didn't even know it needed. Thank you Samuel with helping me with the purchase. Thank you p-W, P-ai & P-Yuan for all the help you have given me. I can't wait till I can get my hands on the UV-DTF printer!

Debra Snydsman
Corrected Review

So before I was very unhappy with the printer and missing items or issues. My tech on Skype helped and it seems I was using my printer incorrectly which is why I kept running into issues. I will say however there are a few little bugs to work out... but the staff has assisted and helped out A LOT! I thought my printer was going to take some crazy repair (I did not run in for 3 weeks - not even a clean cycle due to hospital) My son-in-law came to help and the printer is very easy to work on when cleaning lines. The prints are AMAZING. It does take a little time to get the software down and all the processes... but it gets better as you go. This is NOT a printer for occasional printing, this is something you are going to want to use regularly and maintain. Have patience, its worth it when you get through it all.

I now LOVE my printer and whenever I need help I always get a fast answer through skype. The only draw back is in the US, there are no techs who can come work on it... they dont know what they are doing. LOL


Love my new printer! It printed perfectly as soon as I set it up! I am still waiting on my shaker.

carmen santi
easy to work with

once you have instructions on how to do things, I had a little trouble due to unknown information but customer service took me to the correct path, now I am printing everything smooth and easy. Love the equipment. I am planning to buy the uv printer too.

Joey McNew
This printer bundle is perfect!

For anyone wanting to get into the DTF Printing business, this is the product to have! If you ever any issue, the techs will walk you all the way through step by step until your products are performing perfectly as intended.