13" Single Head A3 DTF Printer Roller Version L1800 & Complete Bundle

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Procolored R1390\L1800 DTF transfer printer is a high-quality and easy-to-use film transfer printer. It delivers industrial-print-quality output at impressive production speeds, and is suitable for multiple fabric substrates (cotton, poly, blends and more) and different fabric colors (even for fabric in black).

DTF printing is an unique printing technology that first prints designs onto special films then transfers them onto garments. It is classified as a kind of heat transfer printing that can last as long as traditional silkscreen prints.



Fully Upgraded Roller Feeder – reducing the paper jam problem of traditional printers

White Ink Mix and Circulation – minimizing print head clogging possibility and greatly extending print head lifetime

Preheating Function and Adjustable Temperature – heating the printed ink to avoid poor printing effect caused by ink flow

Film adsorption and ink collection – ensuring the printing work goes on smoothly

Professional Clothing Printing – high resolution and impressive color fidelity, of industrial-print quality

Easy-to-use and Beginner-friendly – no pretreatment is required, streamlined printing process especially for printing shop businesses

13" Single Head A3 DTF Printer Roller Version L1800 & Complete Bundle
$4,386.00 $4,149.00

White Ink Filtration and Circulation

New designed white ink system including stirring, circulation and filtration functions. The system greatly improves the white ink dynamic and efficiency, evidently reducing print head clogging and prolonging a DTF printer’s longevity.

Colorfast and Durable

Micro-piezo inkjet technology accurately creates printings with true and clear color output, endowing them with high elasticity as well as resistance from light, oxidation, water and scratching.

Waste Ink Collection Upgrades

Paper Feed Function Upgrade

Printing Step

Customer Reviews

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I am very happy with the technical support

The print quality is great and technical support its awesome, recommended.
I replace printhead and they help me thru the process and it was very good.

Sammie Knight
Best purchase ever

I cannot tell you how happy I am that I purchased my DTF printer and oven from pearl colored. My only regret is not ordering it sooner. The customer service is phenomenal. The product itself requires quite a bit of maintenance daily, but so worth it. If you’re on the fence about purchasing get off the fence.

Love it

Super easy to set up. Very fast shipping from across the pond. Love that it's built out of metal vs plastic. Can't wait to make $$$